About me

I am a qualified, established artist, art instructor, and mentor who works from my beautiful home studio looking out onto the Helderberg mountain in Somerset West.
I graduated with distinction from the Andrew Owen School of Art. Having had the privilege of living, creating, painting, and teaching in many different countries around the world, immersed in different cultures, landscapes, environments, history, and beliefs, I was keenly aware of the complexity and diversity of the world that we live in and of the many layers that make up the fabric of our reality. During my studies I found myself exploring different ways of visually expressing these layers, taking me from a purely representational way of learning and working towards a more contemporary abstract style.
When i paint, my soul sings.
I remain fascinated by the endless layers of our lives, what we see, what remains unseen, and the layers to our perception. Ideas, concepts as well as the object of my inspiration are often explored through sketchbook studies and mixed media works on paper, before being translated on to larger canvases. These studies help me to gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of the object of my inspiration, and the opportunity to explore different creative responses which guide the choices I make on the larger canvas. My experience, my studies and my intuitive responses fuelling the process, as I apply layers of colour and allow the painting to emerge. It is a flowing journey of discovery and exploration that takes on a life of its own - far more expressive, vibrant and alive than the first inspirations may have suggested.
My work has been sold directly to corporates, businesses, and private collectors around the world, as well as at auction. I have taken part in exhibitions locally and abroad, including gallery representation in Europe. I am a dedicated art educator, as I believe deeply in sharing my training and experience with others. I teach classes and workshops in my home studio, as well as at Imibala Trust NPO. I have also led workshops at Themba training. As part of my core belief of giving back, I have painted numerous large murals in underprivileged communities around the world, including, South Africa, Seychelles, and Jamaica. I continue to donate artworks to several specific local charities and NPO’s that I support, raising considerable funds for these local organisations. Creating, giving back, and making a difference are core elements of who I am and my art.
Creating, giving back and making a difference are core elements of my art and who i am.
Welcome to my world,
I am so glad you are here! 
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