Abstract art that brings colour and life!

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Portrait of Jane Barnes amongst some of her paintings

Waking the dawn with my song

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Waking the dawn with my song, an abstract painting by Jane Barnes

This is freedom

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This is freedom, an abstract painting by Jane Barnes

Lord of the dance

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Lord of the dance, an abstract painting by Jane Barnes

Each painting is an invitation to you

Rotunda painting in abstract by Jane Barnes
to absorb
to experience
to respond
to what you see, in your own personal and unique way.
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Irises, an abstract painting by Jane Barnes

Classes & workshops

Intimate-sized art classes and workshops, tailored for both adults and children, focused on nurturing and developing each student's inherent creativity.


Commission me to create unique art just for you! Whether it's a specific colour palette you're looking for, a particular scene you want created in abstract, or something to bring out the best in a room, my work can be uniquely yours.

Limited edition prints

Archival pigment inks on 310g cotton paper - a strikingly beautiful, economic format in which to display my artworks.
Our artwork from Jane has pride of place on the halfway landing of our staircase. We're up and down there all through the day, and each time we notice something different - a different highlight as the light in the area changes, or a group of colours that take on significance depending on our mood. The overall cheerfulness of the art is a delight.
Alison Budge
Private Collector
Lord of the dance abstract painting in situ

Make mine uniquely yours

Ask me to create a one-off painting (or series) just for you. These artworks are truly one-of-a-kind and can be created based on your inspiration, the needs of a specific space or even as a thoughtful gift for someone special.

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